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District 5 AA

Serving:  Bend, Burns, Chemult, Culver, John Day, LaPine, Madras, Metolius, Mt. Vernon, Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Terrebonne, Tumalo & Warm Springs 

General Service Representatives


As an elected General Service Representative (GSR) you now represent the voice of your A.A. Group's Conscience to the A.A. General Service Conference held in New York each April. Through your elected District Committee Member (DCM) and the Oregon Area Delegate, you will become the two- way link between your group and the world of A.A. as a whole. As such, you and your fellow GSRs all over the world have become the key to the unity of A.A.

You are your A.A. group's link with Oregon Area General Service, the General Service Office (GSO), and the General Service Conference. As such you have an active part in building a strong service structure. You will learn more about General Service, which is based on THE THREE LEGACIES of RECOVERY, as outlined in the Twelve Steps; UNITY, as outlined in the Twelve Traditions; and SERVICE, as outlined in the A.A Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts For World Service.

By your active presence in General Service you will be helping to insure that A.A. will still be here for future generations of suffering alcoholics.

You are now engaged in one of the finest forms of Twelfth Step work!

The Seventh Tradition

Sending 7th Tradition Money Up the Line

Once the basic group expenses have been taken care of, for example: (rent, refreshments, A.A. literature, Grapevine literature, local meeting lists, G.S.R. travel expenses to attend service functions), and a “prudent reserve” has been set aside to cover any emergency contingencies that might arise, the group may decide to further carry the message by sending money to the following A.A. service entities.

When sending money “up the line,” be sure to include your group number

If you do not find your group number, it means your group is not registered with Area 58.  If you are not registered, you may consider it with your group using the New Group Form.

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